The privacy policy outlines exactly what information Meizer collects about its users and how each piece of information is used.  Users should read this policy before using any/all of Meizer’s services.  By using Meizer, you hereby agree to all of the privacy policy terms and conditions.

Should you, at any point, decide that you do NOT agree with any/all of these policies, you may completely delete your personally identifiable information using the step-by-step tutorial in the Your Privacy Choices page.

Please note, however, that as mentioned at the end of the tutorial, only personally identifiable information is deleted.  Some, very limited, information is kept for basic app functionality.  Should you choose to have your information completely removed from our systems, you must first delete all of your information, as outlined in the Your Privacy Choices page, AND delete Meizer from your device, AND cease and desist using Meizer and/or any/all of its related software and services, as stated at the end of the Privacy Policy.