Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)2020-09-14T00:11:48-04:00
Where is the Android version of Meizer? Why was its release delayed?2021-04-12T22:13:54-04:00

Our biggest e-mail question is why isn’t there an Android version of Meizer, and if there is, when will it be released?

As stated in a previous FAQ, the Android version of Meizer was due to be released in the fall of 2020.

The app was completed on schedule (September 2020), but its release has been purposely delayed…

As Meizer cares about the communities it serves, we decided that, due to COVID-19, it would not be responsible to release the Android version of our app to serve more people and to endanger the health and safety of our users, their families and communities at large.  The very nature of Meizer is to encourage users to purchase second-hand goods from their community and support the local economy.  This involves physically visiting each sale or having community members visit your sales, which is counter-productive to the rules and guidelines to limit the spread of COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Should the COVID-19 situation change and conditions improve, Meizer will release the Android version of its app on the Google Play Store.  There is no exact timeline, as the state of the world-wide pandemic varies day-to-day, but we will definitely be keeping tabs on news and events and use our best judgement to release it in a responsible manner.

We would like to thank everyone for the huge interest in Meizer, and will keep you posted!

How do I remove my personal data from Meizer?2021-04-12T21:36:23-04:00

Meizer strongly believes in protecting your privacy and takes great care to safeguard your personal data.  Through software and security updates and updates to our app and website, we always keep data security at the top of our priority!

Every user should read how their data is used in our Privacy Policy.  However, if you do not agree to the privacy policy, users are welcome to delete any personally identifiable information using our step-by-step tutorial in the Your Privacy Choices page (

Please note that, as stated in the Privacy Policy, some non-personally identifiable information must be retained for basic app functionality.

What is Meizer?2020-09-10T23:14:46-04:00

Meizer is an app for mobile devices that revolutionizes the way people find and post their garage sales. It uses mobile technology to find items and garage sales in your local area as well as let other Meizer users find your sale and show off the items you are selling.

What does “Meizer” mean?2020-09-11T00:12:08-04:00

The name Meizer is a play on the English word “miser” — a person who is reluctant to spend… in order to hoard money or other possessions.

This is the perfect example of what our community is about; sellers hoarding possessions, which they are trying to sell, and buyers, purchasing possessions, while saving their hard-earned money!

Where can I download Meizer for my device?2020-09-11T00:13:40-04:00

Meizer is available on the Apple App Store.  Simply search for “Meizer” on the App Store or go to to download it for your device (if applicable) automatically.

Why did Meizer begin on the Apple App Store first?2020-09-10T23:19:48-04:00

Meizer was first released on the Apple App Store because of its users’ demographics.  As an app that specializes in the buying and selling of used goods, specifically where old, rare, collectable and antique items are concerned, the demographics for this type of industry are usually older people.  The user interface for Apple and general ease-of-use within its apps is better enjoyed and suited for this demographic, which more closely resembles the Meizer community.

Where is the Android version of Meizer?2020-09-10T23:20:33-04:00

We are currently developing Meizer for Android devices. There is no Android version right now, but it will be made available by the fall of 2020.  Check our web site at for more details!

I can’t see any sales in my area on the map, can you help me?2020-09-10T23:22:38-04:00

If you do not see any sales in your area, you need to expand your search radius.  To do that, go to the Settings screen (little gear of the bottom right of the map screen) and move the slider to the right to increase your search radius.

Sometimes, however, there may be no sales in your area.  You can try again later, or during the weekend, when most garage sales are taking place.

Why can’t I see sales on the map when I scroll far away?2020-09-10T23:22:59-04:00

Because of the technical limitations of Meizer’s servers, only sales that are within the maximum search radius in the settings screen are shown.  This is not only a technical limitation but also helps to keep Meizer running much faster by preventing people from searching sales that are too far away (beyond the maximum search radius) which they will most likely never visit anyway.

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